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Filming, Recording & Photography Policy

The Mar Vista Farmers’ Market is a place of commerce and livelihood, as well as a PRIVATE weekly event on public property with all the city permits to prove it.  

Therefore, in accordance with Division 22, Chapter 13, Article 8, Section 22.350 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code you may not film or photograph ANYTHING without our permission. (Imagine crashing someone’s wedding with your crew and merrily filming every guest in attendance and you should get the “picture” of why this is a no-no.)  

ALL “filming” and all commercial still photography must be pre-approved by the Manager of the Mar Vista Farmers Market. In addition, if filming, you must have a permit from Film LA and proof of the requisite insurance required once the Farmers Market has granted permission. Insurance certificates naming Film L.A. and the City of Los Angeles as additionally insured would have to be submitted before a permit could be issued. Permitting takes at least 3 days, so please plan accordingly.  

As we have our very own busy “production” schedule, a production date must be set in advance. Lack of preparedness on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours!  

For help with permitting, contact Film LA’s Production Planning Department at (213) 977- 8600 or visit Film LA online:  

You will find the insurance requirements at:  

Once permission is granted by the Market Manager, to compensate the market, our farmers & our vendors for any inconvenience, lost revenue or other adverse impact that filming can bring with it, a Location Fee set by the Market Manager for your particular production can be paid by check.  

To arrange for a future filming/photography date, please contact the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market Manager, Diana Rodgers via email:      

…and that’s a wrap!