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Sundays from 9am to 2pm
Grand View at Venice Boulevard Map
We are OPEN all holidays except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and July 4 if those happen to fall on a Sunday.   




Dear Mar Vista Farmers Market-Goers,


California’s Certified Farmers Markets are an essential lifeline to the thousands of families throughout the region on both sides of the supply chain, so thank you for supporting the farmers, fishermen & ranchers who continue to keep us all fed.


Please know that all the markets are operating under as an essential food facility under new guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health. Building on last week’s further implementations, know that:


MVFM will operate:

  •  With increased Security Guards & Staffing • By instituting an OPENING “HORN” SALES ANNOUNCEMENT via bullhorn, eliminating any Early Bird shopping prior to our official opening at 9 a.m.
  •  By controlling foot traffic principally by limiting our official Market entrances to just one—each one staffed by Line Monitors.
  •  By continuing to track the total number of market goers at any one time and, when necessary, capping capacity at a safely manageable number.
  •  By limiting access to the market and (if under a momentary cap) allowing any new entrances based solely on corresponding exits from the market.
  •  Also, once inside the market, if you are visiting any vendors between Pacific Ave and Venice Boulevard, please check the general interior waiting line which is the yellow traffic stripe running up Grandview. From here, when it’s your turn to be served, you can then peel off said general line to meet your specific vendor at his stand. **Don’t worry. It will make more sense when you get there-- and our Roving Staff/Social Distancing Czars will be on the bullhorns to help move things along and track “Who’s Next.” J
  •  By implementing PRE-ORDER & PICK-UP SYSTEMS for select vendors.  (Each participant has been asked to have a “will-call” at their tents to minimize any wait and expedite your stay. )
  •  By creating a SENIOR CITIZEN CSA BOX PICK-UP SERVICE from 1pm-2pm
  •  By using “DELI-STYLE” SALES where YOU PICK OUT YOUR PRODUCTS BUT DON’T TOUCH THEM. *To limit cross-contamination, only your vendors will handle your selected merchandise. Where possible, vendors will have one employee handling the goods and designate another to handle all cash and touch-y transactions!
  •  By relocating our Port-A-Potties to the west end of Pacific Avenue.You’ll, of course,find the usual hand washing stations there and there will be manynew hand sanitation stations sprinkled throughout the entire market as well.
  •  By suspending all non-essential activities like hot food, product sampling, & public dining as well as arts & crafts and music.


 What Can YOU Do?

  •  Come solo rather than as a Family.  “Less is More” better!
  •  Bring your own big bags and gloves.  We will have a very limited supply of nitrile/latex gloves at our entrances, but please, lend a “hand” this way and GLOVE UP! \
  •  Eliminate the Morning Rush and Gridlock! Come after 12pm and be rewarded with far less lines (if any) and plenty of food for sale!
  •  NO-NO TO FIDO !!  *Unless you have a medical disability and an ADA-Certified Service Animal, please leave your dog at home. It’s the law.
  •  Stay at home if you’re sick or at-risk.
  •  Don’t hoard. There’s enough for everyone! And consider letting seniors or people specifically shopping for seniors jump ahead of you in line!
  •  Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly at home. Plenty of “How To” info on line or be sure to ask your friendly farmer for advice!

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